1. Genetic Anomaly is a 10% ABV, 29 IBU Belgian that will splice your genes and make you into a superhuman like my girl Wendy.

  2. Jay Bird’s Delight is an American Golden Strong. Its sharp flavor and dry finish will have your taste buds singing like a jay bird. 9.6 % ABV. 44 IBU (served in 10oz)

  3. Cherry Bomb Saison is a delicious Belgian farmhouse style ale with hints of caramel and a crisp cherry tartness. 6.1% ABV 21 IBU

  4. The Kolsch: Rated “R” Crisp, clear, and beautiful. The Kolsch is a light and refreshing, yet flavorful German lager. 5.8% ABV 19 IBU.

  5. Citrus League IPA Our flagship IPA. Great IPA. Big Hops. Grapefruit and other citrus flavors with no fruit ever used. Hop Flavor and bitterness baby. 6.7% ABV. 90 IBU

  6. Heffy’s Weissen is a classic German Hefeweissen. The predominant flavors come from the yeast in this traditional summer beer. Banana and clove make for pure refreshment. 5.6%. 13 IBU

  7. Juicy Fruit IPA is a North East IPA with less bitterness than a standard
    IPA. The multiple fruity hops added at all stages of this beer give it a
    cloudy and juicy flavor with a beautiful mouth feel. Massive flavor will
    kick you in the taste buds like a multi-colored zebra defending its
    favorite fruit tree. 50 IBU at 6.1% ABV

  8. Heart of Darkness Coffee Stout is brewed with coffee malt and roasted barley for a deep roasty flavor reminiscent of your favorite “Cup of Joe” (but better). 5.9% ABV 34 IBU

  9. Beachin’ Blond Smooth and easy as a day on the beach. 5.2% ABV. 10 IBU

  10. De La Soul American Amber Ale Dan and Wes can miscommunicate with the best of them. Out of this

    miscommunication comes great beer. Welcome to BBP’s American Amber Ale. 5.3% ABV 40 IBU

  11. Gleaming the Cube is a German Alt beer. Malty first with a German Ale yeast. Lightly hopped with classic European hops. 6% ABV. 24 IBU

  12. The Nibs Chocolate Porter is a robust American Porter brewed with copious amounts of dark chocolate. 6.3% ABV. 25 IBU